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Monday, 20 July 2015

this is the system of the beast - those that fall out of the satanic system, unemployed, are targeted.

This is real, they stalk anyone that refused the system of the beast, anyone who's smart, anyone who got out of pagan christianity.

We have the same staking groups in Namibia who only hire family members and now I know why.


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Gangstalking - This has happened to me and I want to make people aware of it

I stopped responding to it and I have found rest. The moment I distanced myself from all men the gangstalking became much less. At one point they put a dead rabbit in my room.
If they hate me so much I wish they'd stop trying to get with me. Watch this,

I used to hate myself cause of the horrible things these people said to me and about me. My laptop is also hacked and it switches off without me putting it off many times while I'm busy on it.
 I resisted the manipulation and they looked for other victims. I was always aware of being watched and whenever I went out the same people would be around me trying to do strange things. Strange people that get paid to physically harrass me. I avoid certain area's now. I distanced myself from them and the programing ended.
I feel free now, I know what was happening was/is real. I also know how to end it, guess who got the last laugh.
I still have neighborhood harrasment and people who are obsessed with my every movement. I remember till this day a strange white man coming to my hospital room when I was injured(short brown hair and grey suite sitting cross legged) , no one else was there and I was barely concious. I saw him almost everywhere I went after that. Never told anyone till now.


The death of chivalry - why so many women are prefering to be single

This is nothing new, it is the reality of what society is teaching our boys. I had no idea how men could treat me rough or try to break my confidence in every way humanly possible. I didn't dwell on it much since I wasn't interested in knowing why. I have been avoiding men who are not familly members for a year or so and that emotional abuse ended for me. Also since I wasn't sexually attracted to any of these men I didn't understand that they could be sexually attracted to me.

What I'm about to show you in these video's is something I hoped my father or my brothers would have told me.
I chose chastity cause I want to be like the prophets of the bible like EliYah or one of those.
Also the fact that I could never get along with any men except classmates in highschool(went to a technical highschool and it was bassically full of guys so it was easier to get along with the boys than the girls)
This tactic is probably as old as time, pay attention...

I didn't think it was possible but this video is even more
Closing words, what goes around comes around,


Saturday, 18 July 2015

My chastity, the journey

Been a year or two and this has been the best choice of my life. This is not for everyone as I said before but for those willing to take the path less taken keep reading.
Christianity worshiped marriage, racism and sex since I first heard of it and met Christians at the churches. I was almost destroyed by Christianity, so many years of my life wasted on a lie.
When I got out, I wanted to have nothing to do with the ídol's of Christianity. Especially after I found his true name.

For those who want to start out,

This is also why, at this point of my life and because of my vow I stay the hell away from any modern church. Since I'm not a pagan Christian(or a Christian) (practice a faith that has nothing to do with Christianity or paganism) I don't have any need to go to their churches.

I still believe in the omnipotent creator and his only son but they have nothing to do with zues (jesus) and El (Saturn).

I serve Yah and his son Yahawashi. I don't celebrate the pagan holidays and buying the pagan statues, necklaces or paintings. It's all very pagan and a big fat money making scheme. Reason why many try to forbid others from knowing the truth on this blog. They will lose money. Christianity is a multi billion dollar industry. Money is the root of all evil, nothing good comes from a bad tree.

coming around again

We need to study these things, we need to live with a plan and not buy everything we hear.
Well, I'm gonna be honest, if you don't you will perish. This is the most important parts of our lives and the only reason we are alive. Why people try to get you so deep into everything else that you miss the goal. Many have, believe me.

If you would love life

I sing because I'm happy, and I've never known such joy.
 It started when, after years of searching, I had come across the name of Yah, AaliYah, HalleluYah.
I finally am free both physically and mentally from the lies of the satan.

RiYah Veii
I also rejoice cause I had a really emberassing case of my neighbours watching me undress through the window. I covered my window up so that ends there. Strangely the same time I covered my window glass I got blocked from certain websites. Don't know how that relates, just thought I'd add that.

When you're young it feels like you'll live forever, I love it!

To love life is to want to live, no matter how many obstacles you face. I was not even supposed to be alive at this point, makes me value each second more. It's that much better when you know and praise the true name of Yah. Was on an online Hebrew dictionary typing in the name Yah. It kept coming up with ye and other words. Something tells me modern Hebrew isn't even close to ancient Hebrew.
So much in this world has been covered up, so much hidden. I would post many different topics all day on various websites, sometimes talking a lot of smack cause I was bored. The moment I found out his name is Yah and started posting about HalleluYah hashaddai I was blocked from each website I know.
Internet spell checkers don't even recognize the true name of Yah, does anything seem like a setup to you?

RiYah Veii

Don't let anyone lie to you, seek the truth and persue it. It took me a mighty long time to get here, but now my entire life has started making sense. I finally understood why so many people hated me with no cause, there was an actual war going on in the spiritual realm. A war that was probably meant to make sure I would never discover the truth that I know now. That would make total sense, the name of Yah has been covered up on almost every online platform. I really wish people would start questioning these things and wonder why the elite are hiding these things from us.

(And the most annoying part of blogging is internet spell checkers constructed by some person that probably failed all his Cambridge spelling tests. Since when was persue written as pursue? It has nothing to do with a purse.)

Till next blog, stay vigilant. These are the evil last days!

HalleluYah, sing HalleluYah

Giving praise to Yah, I finally understood what it meant. I wasn't going to give my praise to demons any longer, I had finally understood that all praise belongs to Yah.


Yahawa(father) and Yahawashi(son).
I say praise Yah, and praise his son Yahawashi.
You decide for yourselves and study his word.
Why we get the words,
HalleluYah - Praise Yah,
AaliYah - Most high and exalted Yah
 So I praise them by their names.
HalleluYah hashaddai,
HalleluYahawashi hamashiach hashaddai



Thursday, 16 July 2015

Imperial African dresses

Women who dress in the traditional attire. These are African women and it has been our tradition to dress this way as far as I can remember.

Now in history books and all over the world they say that ancient Otjiherero people were 'Himba' and wore animal skins. My great grandmother as well as grandmother never recall such a time,
Ovahimba people basically walk around naked wearing some sort of cloth made out of animal skin or something. This is not the Herero's people past, it's all been setup by the same colonizers that killed a large percentage of the Otjiherero people. They were trying to erase whatever identity we had and give us this fake one that very few of us relate to. Did the same in many parts of the world. This lie obviously didn't stick as you will see below.
This is the only history I ever knew. People, probably even Africans, spend millions of dollars and countless hours to make Africans think they are animals or the missing link between creature and man apparently (the latest insult I heard). But this is the past we remember, and how we dress till this day.