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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Beyond the smokescreen - Namibia Part2

Namibia’s relationship with China is another bone of contention as most large construction tenders are awarded to Chinese nationals who are allowed to fly in Chinese prisoners for cheap labor instead of employing locals – despite the high unemployment rate. Most Namibians feel that China has been given free rein to plunder Namibia and this has resulted in a few cases of violence against Chinese nationals – who now occupy and own businesses in every town in Namibia.

According to statistics, Namibia has an over 90% Christian population. Namibia also has a proud choral culture with most – if not all Namibians having sung in a choir at some point in their lives. This tradition has finally culminated to the first ever Gospel Choirs Competition that ended on 21 November 2014 in Namibia’s capital city. 
This is the first of its kind and although participating choirs had been given less than a week to enter the contest, some of the nations’ oldest and best choirs competed. It was aired live on national television and has created much expectation for next year’s contest when other famous choirs will be prepared and ready to enter and compete.

Because of the Divide – and – Rule policy which was implemented by the Germans in the colonial era, the indigenous groups in Namibia each have a Homeland so to speak. Although most Namibians have now moved to towns in search of employment, most of them return to their homelands in December to celebrate Christmas at the villages and communal land where their ancestors were placed by the Germans. 
This is why most towns in Namibia are empty in December each year. The Coloreds usually travel to the coast or to South Africa during December as there was not a Coloreds group during German colonial rule and thus no homeland for them.

Being a scarcely populated nation has its down side as powerful nations such as the United States of America have tried to force our leaders to let them use our desert as a dumping site for American waste. 
Namibia has also become a refuge to foreign fugitives as immigration control is not very strict (much to the dismay of those who fear that Ebola will reach Namibia for this very reason). Another threat is the so-called agreement to allow Wallmart to open shop in Namibia. Many fear that such a large monopolistic organization will take over the retail market and result in money leaving Namibia instead of growing local businesses.

Namibians love their meat! One of the favorite pass times of Namibians is going to an open market to eat Kapana (barbequed strips of beef or other red meat – usually beef). It’s cheap and absolutely delicious. This is why Namibians who go abroad often complain about the poor quality or high cost of meat. Kapana strips cost between N$1.00 and N$2.00 each (about 10 to 20 US cents). Kapana is for the rich and the poor alike, Namibians flock to Kapana stands every day – especially on weekends.

by Ujandja Veii

Ujandja Veii

Monday, 29 December 2014

Apocalypse now-The last days Part 3

Here is the thing in all this. Before we decide what one thing is, we then build upon that one thing. Here is the problem, what if that one thing is a lie?....well, then everything else is a lie....but it was such a good lie?

This is the same with me saying the Israelite's are the white race. I have built a theory on that one thing. However, if that one thing is wrong, everything else is wrong. Perhaps the Israelite's are Arabs? Africans? and so on....

Saudi King

I bring this up, not to confuse, but the importance of integrity and honesty. When we get overwhelmed, we unwittingly fall trap to the foundation that we are building upon.  EVERYONE BUILD UPON ONE FOUNDATION.....focus on what that foundation is.

See, when you said, Princess Diana and the lizard people, that is from David Icke videos. I know about it. The context of why she said that? or the evidence in her saying that may be in complete error. But ask yourself this, do we need to say lizard people run the backgrounds? Do we need to say, well, diana said lizard people run the background? No we don't....allot of times, this serpent seedline creates these stories only to dismiss the idea itself.
Princess Diana

For example, lets say I exposed the serpent seed line with the Amalekites. So Hollywood makes a movie off what I said was truth...Now, my idea is a fantasy that Hollywood created...They create these things that make others see it as fantasy. 

So before we ever move forward off one idea, we have to realize, there is no one idea.....the truth is, we collect, then synthesize with the WORD of God...That is all we can do if God is not directly telling us in a voice. IN Gods word, all the answers are there. We need to match everything to what God says...God created his word like a spider web, what happens when you punch a hole in it? it still stands? why, because its the web that matters...the web will come out and the big picture will be seen because the foundation was built to prevent little lies or holes to cause the whole foundation to fall.

So before we move forward, it is not one idea that stands, but the web. This is how I came to even consider the Israelite's were white people. Actually, I believe God showed me. But, perhaps I am wrong? But, the web still stands...its all connected...and it enlightens us.

Like check out princes Diana's death. We say the king of England did it? 
That him and his demonic family. But who was Diana with? With Dodi Fayed an Egyption Arab who is from Islam and is a film producer.
 Who died in Paris? Diana...was it Dodi's inner circle? was this an act on behalf of the serpent seedline? is this war between two seedlines still happening? or is it just the serpent seedline? Perhaps, Genesis on the seedlines, does not end at Christ we are being taught by so called Christians? means through out all times? so that we know it is still going on today....see where does this go...

Princess Diana

See what mind control is about, is building off one foundation and building upon it.....but, if you want to know the web, you have to take the hammer and smash that foundation into pieces until it is powder and lucid....that is how the web is understood....all those questions do not build upon each other....but dissolve with each other...however, all of the sudden they will conceal and form a web and you will say now it makes sense....we are not taught this way, but the slaved way, the one foundation prevents us from using our minds, it restricts is what the serpent seedline wants...

So before we move forward, we smash, then the web stands and the truth of the web matches the web of the bible. 

The bible is designed against Satan to be error proof of those who put holes in the bible but the truth still stands....its a war, they entered the church, and they are bent off destroying with a flood the children of Christ....a flood in the sense of their God satan ...a matrix of satans world, once this world is desgined like satans, the anti Christ will appear....two worlds will be one and God will destroy it. 

by John Doe

Wednesday, 24 December 2014




News flash for most Christians but it is very true. No matter who you are, make up can take you to hell.

Wearing trousers as well, will take you to hell. Women around the world, LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Prideful men will go to hell, let us look at pride

People listen to this video, pride will take you to hell. 
Shout out to all Christians trying to live holy, hear what this man has to say.

by Asia M

Revelations of the end part 1

Stay tuned for more such videos

Monday, 22 December 2014

Media and body image, reasons why to never purchase a television


by Sandy

Fallen angels are among-st us, here to open your eyes

I'm here to open eyes, I'll do that through visual presentation in these video's. Sit back and watch the truth about the things we thought we all knew.


by Sandy

Sandy (Sandra)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Apocalypse now: The last days part 2

Must only those in Judea flea or must all Christians flee?

No, it is not talking about only those in Judea. But, all major cities abroad. It just used Judea as an example for believers lives at risk of death who are in the city....right after he reveals himself as out 

How will we know where to go?

Bible says to simply run. Scared of being in the mountains ....don't worry that time is short. I believe God will provide us food and water...

 You will know you need to go away from the city to the mountaintops hiding from the city and Satan...knowing that in a short time, the moon will turn black, then, the clouds will part with the return of is GREAT TRIBULATION PERIOD...we sit in hiding while all these poor Christians are being slaughtered who believed in the rapture theory. See..this is why now we can have both, angels marking believes, while, Christians being slaughtered fro their faith...all because of Satan lie in the rapture theory.
Father time

Ok, lets clear this up on when we read Chapter 3 as to why it is Satan's child...

Allot of things are not taught in the Church...this is one of them.

In Ch 2, all the races were made that were fisher and hunters only on the 6th day. This was all the races that were made on the 6th day. And God loved them all. Said they were all good. 
But then, he rested on the 7th day. But he did not have a man yet to tend the garden, he had fishers and hunters that were made on the 6th day. Another word was God wanted to make farmers.

Now, this is where the confusion sets in by reading the bible in English. In Chapter 2, the word "Adam," as well as,  "
" is used in Ch 3. But, when you look at the word, in Hebrew, it is two different words. In other words, in Ch 3, or on day 8, we are not talking about the same Adam. They are two different words in Hebrew. 

See when you see the two different names of Adam, you realize, how Cain went to nod in the east and took a wife for himself, because of the other races that were created on the 6th day in ch 2. 

In the garden, the word "ets" is the Hebrew word to mean fruits and such things you eat from a tree. But, this tree of good and evil is different than those fruit trees. Now it says eve shall not "touch" the tree. The word touch in Hebrew is is touch with the intent to ly down with  a woman, hence, sex.  Lets look at 2 chor 11:2,3 - explains the serpent beguiled (holy seduced eve. Its simple what went down here...Satan had sex with eve. 

Look up Hebrew word ets 6095 which is a tree for fruits used for the fruit trees in the garden. Now this word ets, came from the primitive root "atsah" 6095 which is used when it says Satan opened eve's eyes. What this word atsah says is to close the eyes. See it closed their eyes, satan lied. Now where does atsah come comes from 'atseh 6096 defined as the spine giving firmness to the body or backbone. What runs through your backbone? the central nervous system that gives knowledge to good and evil. Spine is the trunk, the arms are the limbs(branches)

So your not accustom to God calling the body trees? Go to Isa 61:3. God has uses many references in being a tree through out the bible. Satan is compared to a cedar tree in other chapters. 

Catch the third installment in a few days.

by John Doe

Friday, 12 December 2014

Seek to have no disputes with men, 2 Timothy 2:23

Rijamekee Veii
Whoever would love life and see good days...

New International Version
Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels.
New Living Translation
Again I say, don't get involved in foolish, ignorant arguments that only start fights.
English Standard Version
Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels.
New American Standard Bible 
But refuse foolish and ignorant speculations, knowing that they produce quarrels.
King James Bible
But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes.

2 Timothy 2:23

That is the one scripture that caused many to stumble. That many think they don't have to obey, the one that is the most compromised perhaps.
Case in point, people could hate you simply cause of some nasty and hugely made up rumor about you. 
People need a reason to hate and have disputes with others I have learned, some literally invent a reason to hate others so they can feel better and more secure.

Psalms 34:14

Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it


This is perhaps evils greatest frontier, and the dumbest. Imagine you have ten dolls, all green. You decide you want to make each one unique so you color one purple and add little stickers, then the other red and add rose petals and throw glitter over another. You do that until each little doll you own looks beautiful and unique to you and you have the best toys in the neighborhood.

Imagine these dolls suddenly have life and all the green and red ones decide to hate all the glitter ones cause they don't share the same color. Now all these beautiful and very well decorated dolls you made hate each other and kill each other till your only left with green ones.
I know this is extremely metaphorical but imagine God being the toy maker bragging about the beautiful dolls he made and us being the racist dolls that destroy each other.

Racism is like that, we are all the same and everyone who doesn't understand that probably didn't do very well in biology class.

Wonder if the doll with stripes thought it was special
 compared to the other dolls.

Racism might be one of the biggest dividers we have known in human history, which is a bit stupid since the term human race is a noun, not plural. There can really only exist one race of humans so the term racism is extremely flawed giving you an idea of how 'intelligent' the people who invented racism really were. 

There are many other causes of disputes amongst people that are just as flawed and hilarious. Let's go through some:

Rich folk hating poor folk.

This is hilarious, but it is real and I have seen it so many times. I have seen really rich people isolate themselves from average and poor people. I have no idea why this is so I concluded to thinking that rich people are scared poor people will steal all their money. Either that, or they are scared to look common...and poor so they separate themselves. I have met many rich people that don't separate themselves from poor folks but we need to understand that this is rare and that is largely because of the fact that they don't exist within the same social circles.
Whatever the reason, it's a social phenomenon that has caused disputes among people so it makes my list.

Then we have tall guys and short guys disputes...
Probably the same with girls but most women don't care about height unless they want to model.

Those are a few causes for meaningless quarrels that make you ponder society. None of these arguments amount to anything but seems fewer people pick up on that than we thought.

Basically, if someone argues with you about such dumb things(and it's not in a joking manner), walk away from such people cause foolish disputes only cause strife. From such, stay away and seek peace.

Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels.
2 Timothy 2:23

  1. By Rijamekee Veii

Rijamekee Veii

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

One of their prophecies said, "I am not your God, and you are not my people, even so, there will be a time you are called sons of the living God"

One of their prophecies said, "I am not your God, and you are not my people, even so, there will be a time you are called sons of the living God"....He is saying the 10 northern tribes will become the Christians.
 This was at around 745 B.C...when the 10 northern were removed by God for being what? a harlot country....they were given a curse in losing their identity...and it was a 7 times curse, that curse when you do the math goes to 1776..this is when the U.S. was born.....see, 

history is repeating itself. The 10 northern tribes of Israel. 

 in the N.T. it says their is neither Greek, Jew, or Gentile. That is because the same God used a people for saving all....Satan's seed-line perverts this message. No one should take pride in anything but being a believer. So many other things help me expose what the anti Christ will do. you know how I figured out the U.S. is the harlot,.....and other things are all just all ties in when you get closer to the truth...the truth is God loves us all....but Satan is working to confuse us, to have us fight each other and so on.

What it comes down to is reading the bible for what it says, not what we think it says. That is how confusion sets in. Remember, there are predicaments that all church members do not want to admit.

That predicament is...why is the church so lost at the end times? ...if you accept the bible, that is what it says. But most will say, oh we are in the know and God does not let his people get lost. This response is built on trusting the church over Gods word.

That is the point here. Everything is God and you...not me, not anyone, just you and God. That is why God put that predicament there. Because God wants his true followers to have no one in between God and you. That is why. 

 When you read Rev 17 and 18 you realize it is not Rome. It is a country. A country who is the number one import and export. That this country is a female. That this country will totally replicate babylon of old. So you can actually read up on Babylon in how they were a country, to find out who she(harlot) matches today.

Did you know the second most important temple was called..."the white house"? Did you know that babylon had the most advanced road system as the U.S. does today? Did you know babylon had walls that kept them safe from the rest of the the U.S. has the pacific and atlantic ocean? Did you know that  israel lived in babylon with comfort? Did you know there was one weakness in the wall...

By John Doe 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

BEAUTIFUL LIKE DIAMONDS IN THE SKY - Fallen angels and the daughters of men(as it was in the days of Noah,so shall it be at the coming of Jesus) 4th installment

It is believed that the devil has an office at Goldman sachs, the bible tells us the Devil rules this world, and reigns in higher places of principalities.
Marilyn Monroe
Hollywood is scripted. Allot of directors are just pawning off things they read. Some seem to be more into the occult type movies, ......but the real connection between hollywood and satan if you ask me are the scribes. The scribes are from the seed of cain as mentioned in the bible. The scribes....are what hollywood put into play to make their films interesting. That is why like when you watch say the movie "transformers...revenge of the fallen"....translation here: revenge of the fallen angels and nephilim. That is why in that movie it showed them hit the capstone on the pyramid, it was symbolic but things that the occult believe in that is connected to ancient history with mystery and things that are in secret being revealed symbolically......most people just don't get this so I do not mention it becuase I can not prove it, but, I see it...its obvious.
Keira Knightley
know who were the lost 10 tribes. this is vital, because most do it for the wrong reasons. I simply came to this point where I needed to find out about the ten tribes solely for prophecy reasons...that is it.

There are many people, especially between black and whites, that use this lost ten tribes, to turn around and call themselves "the chosen people."....Hence, everyone else is inferior and God loves our race and not the other, and so on. This is exactly where it goes. It goes in this direction for one reason.....because they believed the lie that was born from the seed of satan.

So, here we go and this is going to get real interesting...

The seed of cain, helped establish something that I never noticed before, because like most christians, God and his message is like fog. It is not tangible. But, I was dead wrong. Once I realized this one thing, it tied the whole bible under one topic. That topic, can be titled as: "The war between two seedlines." ...BAM.....when I found this out, so many things made way more sense. LIke, why Cain is not mentioned in Adams seed line. Why the O.T. calls a certain people belial. Why Satan created the nephilim. Why A king would kill all babies 2 and under. Why Jesus would say the pharisees are the sons of cain. Why the N.T. would talk about the tares and wheat. Why in revelation 2:9 and 3:9 it would say the so called jews worshiped in the synagogue of satan. ....basically, what I am getting at, is the very first prophecy from the garden of eden is a war between two seed lines, that is why there is enemity between Gods seed line and Satans seedline.

seed of cain

So here I am, I know who the seedline of cain is. In fact, I know they hide under a religion that worships in a synagogue. Did you know that there is only one religion that worhsips in the synagogue? What do we do about this? ....seriously, what do we do? We are not going to be racist but what do we do? ....well, we expose them. That was my next move.
What I found out in trying to expose them, is this. They, have a history with their father satan. See God planted adam and all the different races. SO, Satan planted his seed line. Then, satan tried to wipe out genetically all the races on earth. Noah made it, but something that gets overlooked, is noah brought 2 of each race with him on the boat...not just 2 of every kind of animal. So, the flood, then, again, israel is having to deal with these hybrid people known as rapharim.
But, anyways, there are still giants, then, if you ask me, they downsized to a height equal to man but were still hyrbrids. They were the sepharim in the bible. They were satan's Children. You start to notice things you never noticed before in the bible, that it was always a war between two seed lines. Now I started to realize why Joseph killed these 5 kings putting them in a cave with his foot on their throats and so on. But, when Israel went to assyria and judah with benjamin went to babylon, something very deceptive happened.

So in babylon, I started looking deeply into it. I started to realize that satans seedline was there at the same time. That when Judah and benjamin returned to Israel, some things became totally weird. Long story short, satans seedline entered the priest hood of Israel. Satan wanted to hijack the seedline of God from the start that is why the nephilim were created. However, after that was not going to happen, satan was at work in hijacking a identity of a people....that was satans goal. That is a natural goal. Think about it....if you can not ruin their genetics, you ruin their identity as a people. Because ultimately, we have to think the seedline of God is the seedline of satan. If you can not do it genetically, you do it by hijacking an identity.
I'm gonna code what he typed here to avoid controversy but you draw conclusions. Pray about this.
See here is the problem. The $%^(*& put themselves on a pedestal and make chrisitans feel God loves them more. Seriously, that is what is going on, and that is why no one stands up and says they are cursed cause they don't believe in Jesus. I understand, many &*&^$%& are mislead, it is the ones on top that are the seedline of satan...I get that. But, the problem is no one understands that the whole "chosen people" was placed there by this seedline...see they are the ones that cause racism....blacks vs whites, whatever....because they plant seeds of superiority....they been playing this game a long time. When you read older literature, you will see the same people doing the same things. Its a satanic world, and they know who their father is, and they serve him..
Long story short, I found out, that when you look at the white race, ok....the whole history behind them, that they lined up with Israel. NO big deal, but, then, it matched up way too, the prophecies from the O.T., for example, david would always have kings until christ returns, guess what, england has that. Also many other things, like, in the book of esras, the 10 north was said to leave to the wildnerness in the north. Allot of things I can list. Also, in the N.T., in james, he greets to all the tribes of Israel, not just 2 like christians today tell you to think. That their is this mystery behind peter leaving and the other 10 apostles just taking off somewhere while most of the N.T. is written by Paul...well, they were sent to the 10 tribes of Israel....anyways, I can go on and on about this...just want to make it short.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

The thing that got me, was one of their prophecies said, "I am not your God, and you are not my people, even so, there will be a time you are called sons of the living God"....He is saying the 10 northern tribes will become the christians. This was at around 745 B.C...when the 10 northern were removed by God for being what? a harlot country....they were given a curse in losing their identity...and it was a 7 times curse, that curse when you do the math goes to 1776..this is when the U.S. was born.....see, history is repeating itself. The 10 northern tribes of Israel.
by John Doe