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Monday, 6 October 2014

Atheist, listen up cause this could be the last time you hear this?

According to many estimates, 1.78 people die every second. 107 people die every minute. 6390 people die in an hour, 153 thousand people dying each minute, which finally equals to 56 million people dying each year all over the world. It is also estimated that every 1 out of 113 people will die this year. This information is purely an estimate. There will a few seconds that nobody will die and thousands may die in one second. It is also reported that the mortality rate all over the world is increasing every year. The estimated world population by U.S. census bureau is 6,576,456,401 and counting
None of us know for sure how many of these have died without ever hearing about Jesus, none of us know how many have died rejecting the sacrifice of Christ. Three people probably died since you started reading this question two seconds ago. I wish I could shout this out, THE NAME OF JESUS IS THE ONLY NAME BY WHICH WE ARE SAVED.
God so dearly loved us that he gave his only begotten son to save humanity, fall to your knees right now and ask Jesus to save you. This could be the last warning you will ever get.

Another second will pass by, who says it will be someone else...

James Caviezel
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