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Friday, 10 October 2014

Dying to be skinny

Rijamekee Veii

Let's face it, in a world with a growing rate of obesity we are all bassically trying to loose weight. How far do some take it? Eating disoders have the highest mortality rate, that's scary, but truth be told we are all secretly dying to be thin.


Rijamekee Veii


I'm sure in some distant past obesity was seen as sighn of wealth. Growing up I saw the reality. Obesity was a sighn of poverty aswell as poverty of mind.


 Noticed that only the rich people could afford eating a varied diet of fruit, vegtables and protein. Most poor or average people ate a high carb, low nutrient diet of bread, porridge or  other cheap processed junk.

Well, we all know bread is not very filling. Growing up eating bread and oranges everyday was hell for me, I starved well through my youth because bread isn't really food. (read this article for more on that, )

 Made up for it by eating more bread which in turn made me fat. That explains bassically why obesity is a condition more common in poorer societies. We  were never poor however, just not very well educated on the politics of propper nutrition.

How I lost it!!!!!

Tried dieting for years untill I found the secret to weightloss.

 Are you ready for it?

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the answer you've been waiting for. All I did to get thinner was eat less aswell as drink a detox drink (that's for another article).


Bassically, if you want to get thinner eat less but eat, it's very important not to starve. As I said before, eating disorders have the highest rates of mortality. That means most people would rather die than be fat. Fat shamming has reached epic porportions in our weight conciouse societies.

 Most of us who don't really have high IQ's would rather be dead than fat. In a way it's a survival tactic to be attractive in an image conciouse world. As we have learned from human history only the ones that were able to adapt survived hard times. The same here, if they want skinny we adapt or die out.

Some of us take this to extremes however. Anaroxia is a disease, not a trend.

in conclusion, if you want to be skinny only eat less and avoid wheat. Fat doesn't make you fat!!!!!!!!!! Protein is your friend, wheat and processed junk isn't. Milk is really harmless once you stop eating wheat.

All the best
Rijamekee Veii

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