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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Get rid of cursed items - from magezines to video games, they're cursed

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
Luke 10:19

God clearly tells us in this verse that he has given us this power, but we have to use it. Items we own could be cursed and bringing demons into our homes.  We need to pray over everything we buy.
Let's take a look at where most of these items come from,

Ok first off I need you to know magezines are bad news. If they aren't christian magezines or bibles they don't have the spirit of God in them, which could be a gateway for demons to enter your home and your life. Get rid of them!!!!!
 Let's take a look at Apple inc.

Apple Inc. is a multinational American corporation which produces consumer electronics such as computers, mobile phones, and online services. Although they have been predominantly successful, their production methods, which involve huge amoungs of hard labour have been a criticised area of their corporation. Apple Inc. has received much criticism for the use of sweatshop labor,[environmental destruction, and unethical business practices as a result of the method they undertake to produce electronics.
Additionally, it has been criticized for past behavior of suing before first gathering all the facts necessary to pursue a legitimate lawsuit.

The above Apple Corporation symbol is Satanic, mocking the forbidden fruit.

Occult rituals and video games: Sony responds to the blood sacrifice claim

Although we did do an internal investigation into the situation soon after it happened, we did not create a formal report, something that we were willing to share with media. At the time, no media followed up with requests for the results of the internal investigation, so no follow up statement was provided to the media.
Do you now see why people are trained and hired to perform PR-like jobs? They are there to say something which says nothing whilst making you think that they said something.
How does that explain the bloody and orgyesque ritual at Athens?
Well, what can one do but reply, “As far as Sony's reply, I will leave it at what you stated.”

Sony Playstation’s blood sacrifice: occult rituals and video games

The event’s centerpiece was a freshly slaughtered decapitated goat, “the goat’s decapitated head hanging by a thread of tissue from its corpse, with blood dripping to the floor.”
This brought about condemning comments from animal rights advocates:

There were also reports of items that were bought that had spirits attached to them. Another reason we should pray over the items we buy.

10 Most Haunted Objects Of All Time

1. The Dibbuk Box Contains an Ancient, Malevolent Spirit

A dibbuk box is a wine cabinet which, according to Jewish folklore, is said to be haunted by a restless, evil spirit that is capable of haunting and possessing the living. One particular dibbuk box became famous when it was listed on eBay along with a terrifying backstory.

2. Annabelle, The Doll Possessed by a Lying Demon.

3. The "eBay Haunted Painting” Causes Sickness, Screaming, and Fear.

4. The Myrtles Plantation Mirror Contains the Spirits of a Woman and Her Children.

Myrtles Plantation is an allegedly haunted bed and breakfast that is largely considered to be the most haunted home in the United States, as well as one of the most haunted houses in the world. The plantation dates back to 1796, and it was built on a Native American burial ground. Additionally, it is rumored to be the location of at least ten murders, and paranormal events are an almost daily occurrence.

screaming beauty

5. Haunted Wedding Dress Dances On Its Own

In 1849, a girl from a rich family named Anna Baker fell in love with a low class iron worker. Anna's father, Ellis Baker, refused to let her marry her beloved, banishing the young man from their hometown of Altoona, Pennsylvania and dooming his daughter to a life of spinsterhood. Anna was so angry with her father that she never fell in love or married, and remained bitter and angry until her death in 1914.
 After her death, visitors claim to see the dress move on its own, especially during full moons. The dress sways from side to side, as if an unseen bride is standing in front of her mirror, admiring herself in the gown.

6 .Chairs Push People Out of Them and Make People Feel Sick.
7 .Haunted Doll Curses Those Who Take His Picture Without Permission

 Way too scary, read more here,

Those are just a few examples of cursed items and brands believed to be cursed. Do your own research and stay safe.

by Rijamekee Veii
Rijamekee Veii


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