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Monday, 6 October 2014

Heaven Angel Kiss: Fashion Friendly crowd

Fashion tips on Red:    Red might not be the easiest colour to pull off but I absolutely love it!   Here are some easy ideas on how to wear red clothes.
another tip : Always wear vintage when wearing red. That's very hot.
Rijamekee Veii

Natural make up



The eyebrows I did in that pic were totally natural and affordable. Simply follow these easy steps.


>Get a fresh stem from off a tree and make sure it's small enough to use. Something like this.


>Once you got a small enough length spray one end of it with any perfume of your choice. This is to give it a nice smell aswell as prepare it for step three.


>Now take the stem to the kitchen. Remember to only spray the one end of it. Set this end on fire till it turns black/charcoal.


Now spray some more perfume on the burnt part to cool the charcoal aswell as give it a nice smell.

Rijamekee Veii


>After that you're ready to apply it to your eyebrows in the shape you like.

And that's the secret to get perfect eyebrows in a natural and cheap way.
Keep visiting my blog for more tips xxxx 
Rijamekee Veii

Rijamekee Veii


How to make your pictures look good!

-Names to remember

Here are a few different ways in witch you can format your Pictures.




Rijamekee VeiiGlow


ijamekee VeiiCross-section


Rijamekee VeiiSoften




Rijamekee Veii
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