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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Nightclubs are Sabbats

Many people are going to nightclubs for enjoyement, even christians it seems.
In this blog I'll get into the spiritual meaning behind nightclubs, which are actually spiritual sabbats that demons have a right to attend.

Satanists or pagans have a wheel for each year and during that year they have eight sabbats they must attend.
These are the dates for each sabbat.
February 1st
March 22(spring equinox)
May 1st
June 21st(Summer solstice)
August 1st(August is also a month of sacrifice)
September 23rd(fall)
October 31st
December 21st


Why any person thinks it is enjoyable to attend a sabbat(nightclub) is beyond me, espeially with all that goes on over there.

Here are some exclamations to look out for,

10 Reasons Clubs Are Overrated


Most people enjoy going to clubs to dance, look for that special someone who is into guilt-free s**, or just to wind down after a stressful week of shoveling society's shit. But here are the drawbacks...

Just The Facts

  1. Clubs are bars with dance floors, where the modern-day dancing equivalent (softcore porn) takes place.
  2. Often, they are horribly lit so that every physically impaired male is given equal opportunity to attract a drunk mate.
  3. Nothing happens until everybody's intoxicated. Bring your patience with you.


Here is the long and short of it: If you are a teen trying to grow in your relationship with God, a nightclub is not going to do much to help. In fact, I daresay it’ll do the opposite. You may have one agenda for going, which is just to have some good, wholesome fun, but that doesn’t mean that the other patrons have the same agenda as you. Look at the odds. One, or let’s say five of you have good intentions, but the other 100 or so patrons have more, um, risqué plans. What do you think the overall culture of that environment will be?

You are right. Clubs are notorious for shady stuff. To make sure that I wasn’t just shooting at the wind, I went to my good old friend Wikipedia just to get an idea of the history of these establishments. Throughout the ages, nightclubs have been the hot spots for all sorts of seedy things: gang activity, drugs, sex, and alcohol. Just because it’s “Under 21” night does not mean that alcohol is not going to find its way into the club, and it’s highly likely that drugs will as well. Usually the dancing that goes on in clubs is highly suggestive and, sometimes, outright sexual. The club is one of the birthplaces of the infamous “hookup,” where individuals go to meet someone to have casual sex with. You are definitely going to hear music there that, I guarantee, is not going to promote things that you as a Christian hold in high esteem. Let’s not forget the infamous club attire, a style of dress for young women that is mostly about being tight and revealing. “Under 21” night does not clean up the usual club atmosphere; all it changes is the legal sale of alcohol.

The spice girls
So think again, is going to a nightclub even worth it?

by Rijamekee Veii

Rijamekee Veii

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