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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

No wheat and grains diet

Keira Knightley


Every girl seems to want the slim figures that certain Hollywood celebrities like Keira Knightley and Keri Hilson seem to attribute to good genes.

Keri Hilson



Here is the average girls' advice to a rock hard body without much work or effort.

These are a few tips that worked really well for me so get a pen and start writting.

> Golden rule ---No grains or wheat, none at all!


Wheat is bassically grass. Imagine people taking alot of grass, grinding it into some porridge like mixture and calling it food.That's exactly what you're eating when you eat stuff like bread, cereal, cookies and many other modern foods.

  Celiac disease, immediate-type, wheat allergy is caused by an IgE reaction to one or more of the proteins found in the wheat grain, according to

The perfect solution


Wheat and grain free!!!!!!




 What I eat instead...


Protein and dairy...

and I eat any dairy items.
Natural carbs don't make you fat!

Look for...


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