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Sunday, 19 October 2014

The death of girl power - How innapropriate dressing destroyed womens rights


spice girls
The spice girls

It's all still fresh in most of our minds. The late 90's rise of the girl power movement. The idea of women being able to do what they wanted had never before been marketed at this level.


It was the age of the spice girls and boob tubes.

Slowly but steadily, in krept the rise of a multi-billion dollar marketing empire,

 this was the empire of selling the female body.

90's fashion


According to, innapropriate dress could be grounds for rape.

This debate followed,

14% voted yes and gave a reason for their vote. This is part of what they said. 


"It's in a mans biology to be attracted to the female anatomy, and when you show it - they are going to look, and not think about much else. I mean lets face it ladies, do you honestly put on those short shorts and spaghetti straps to AVOID attention? And one of the things that angers me the most is when a women says something like "i want to find a man who loves me for my brain, not my boobs" and then they wear a revealing spaghetti strap shirt that shows off half of their chest.

One of the most cliche sayings today is "don't judge someone by what they look/dress like" But in reality that is simply not true. "


86% of participants said no and this is the argument they presented,



"Rape is a heinous crime which will never have grounds

If this is the case then please do explain why kids at a mere age of 5 and 6 get raped. Do they wear "provocative" clothing that attract men? There is no cause for rape to happen. Men who have raped women are mentally unsound people. Rape is inhuman and you cannot give a reason to justify this heinous crime. So do not blame women's clothing for rape, blame your mentality. Even fully clad women or women wearing burquas get raped. What is your excuse for that? Women should have the right to wear whatever they feel like. Oh and if men are at liberty wear shorts, why not women?"


Read more here,

So what do you think?

The spice girls
The spice girls

Do you think you have an impact on how people behave, or is it all their fault? Do you think the way we dress could be a deciding factor? Comment below and let me know. 


By Rijamekee Veii

Rijamekee Veii


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