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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

BEAUTIFUL LIKE DIAMONDS IN THE SKY-Fallen angels and the daughters of men(as it was in the days of Noah,so shall it be at the coming of Jesus) 3rd installment

We ended at revelations on the seven mountains of revelations in the previouse installment. We will continue from there.
To know the second babylon installment, God tells us to look at the first. That is because the attributes and characteristics are going to be the same. So although, the first babylon is not the 2nd one, they are mirrors of eachother. So as you learn about the first one, you will know more about the second one. So they compliment each other. .....the seed of satan is interesting, and God puts it out there for us but at the same time I want to make it clear we can not point at exactly who is who until the anti christ is revealed.

1814 America

When does the harlot arrive?

We know after the 7 mountains end, it is 1814. From here we expect the harlot and the 8th.

To simplify this problem right off the bat, lets just go straight for the throat. She is rich for one reason, in revelation it tells us she is the number one import and export of......THE WORLD.

This is all that needs to be said. It is amazing how many people will argue this.

The Harlot will not sit on each mountain through out history because she sits on a key player, the number 2 mountain known as Israel. Now think about this. Israel was not around at 1814. But in 1948 Israel became a nation. So Who is the harlot? What country sits on Israel? ...the U.S. End of story. No need to go deeper. We know who she is, and when she Arrived cause we know the U.S. However, now we really know that it is a country and who it sits on. Also, when she will arrive.

Next, I will explain more reasons it is the U.S.

When you read Rev 17 and 18 you realize it is not rome. It is a country. A country who is the number one import and export. That this country is a female. That this country will totally replicate babylon of old. So you can actually read up on babylon in how they were a country, to find out who she(harlot) matches today. Did you know the second most important temple was called..."the white house"? Did you know that babylon had the most advanced road system as the U.S. does today?

Did you know babylon had walls that kept them safe from the rest of the the U.S. has the pacific and atlantic ocean? Did you know that israel lived in babylon with comfort? Did you know there was one weakness in the wall and it had to do with north and south penetration? ...hence, as america is with canada or north pole? Did you know that babylon had all the merchants of the world coming to the red sea, but, they had to anchor like way out because there was no deep water port near their great city?

However, in the bible in revelation in regards to the harlot, the great city has a deep water port in its great city..meaning, the merchants go straight to the city.....there is only one deep water port city like that...and that city, is New York. I can go on and on and on and blow you away about babylon because I know, when you read babylon, you read mystery babylon...thus, I can go to the old testament and read up on babylon of old, and say, this is everything that the harlot will one makes that connection and its a shame....because it clearly is a reflection of each other....just think about it, Jeremiah does what to the scroll in front of babylon? ...he ties a rock to a scroll he had just read to witness to babylon and throws it in the river and says babylon will fall just like that scroll sunk in the water at that speed,,,,,,,guess what? an angel throws a milestone into the ocean and says the harlot will fall as such....see its a mirror and they both are the same.

Another thing to note is how in daniel, the lion has two phases, first it walks around with eagle wings, but, once the eagle wings get plucked out , it stands erect then given a human mind. A beast with a human mind....that is the anti christ. But what is revealing in this, is how this happens after the eagle gets plucked.

We can see this in 2 ways, anti christ with the eagle then erects to full power once the eagle is destroyed. Or, what seems to be the obvious and most likely, that once the eagle is destroyed the anti christ is revealed.

If you think about it, the 7 mountains, after the 7th...the 8th rises, so when you do the math the harlot is after the 7th, but before the 8th.

Now think about this:

eagle wings get plucked out(in daniel)....

the harlot gets plucked out(country is wiped away)

The three horns get plucked out(U.S. has 3 branches of government).

what all three share is one country called the U.S....The little horn plucks three...

This could be wrong, because three horns could mean something else to help further connect other things, and we really don't need more and more proof that the harlot is the U.S. Its sort of overkill by now.

Also we have to consider how the false prophet consist of three beast, lion, bear, and this may match with the three horns in some better the whole 10 kings having no kindgom yet seems to counter that whole idea....but, were getting close. Were only getting close because we are in the end times and God will reveal things when he wants, not when we want.


 By John Doe
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