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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

BEAUTIFUL LIKE DIAMONDS IN THE SKY - Fallen angels and the daughters of men(as it was in the days of Noah,so shall it be at the coming of Jesus) 4th installment

It is believed that the devil has an office at Goldman sachs, the bible tells us the Devil rules this world, and reigns in higher places of principalities.
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Hollywood is scripted. Allot of directors are just pawning off things they read. Some seem to be more into the occult type movies, ......but the real connection between hollywood and satan if you ask me are the scribes. The scribes are from the seed of cain as mentioned in the bible. The scribes....are what hollywood put into play to make their films interesting. That is why like when you watch say the movie "transformers...revenge of the fallen"....translation here: revenge of the fallen angels and nephilim. That is why in that movie it showed them hit the capstone on the pyramid, it was symbolic but things that the occult believe in that is connected to ancient history with mystery and things that are in secret being revealed symbolically......most people just don't get this so I do not mention it becuase I can not prove it, but, I see it...its obvious.
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know who were the lost 10 tribes. this is vital, because most do it for the wrong reasons. I simply came to this point where I needed to find out about the ten tribes solely for prophecy reasons...that is it.

There are many people, especially between black and whites, that use this lost ten tribes, to turn around and call themselves "the chosen people."....Hence, everyone else is inferior and God loves our race and not the other, and so on. This is exactly where it goes. It goes in this direction for one reason.....because they believed the lie that was born from the seed of satan.

So, here we go and this is going to get real interesting...

The seed of cain, helped establish something that I never noticed before, because like most christians, God and his message is like fog. It is not tangible. But, I was dead wrong. Once I realized this one thing, it tied the whole bible under one topic. That topic, can be titled as: "The war between two seedlines." ...BAM.....when I found this out, so many things made way more sense. LIke, why Cain is not mentioned in Adams seed line. Why the O.T. calls a certain people belial. Why Satan created the nephilim. Why A king would kill all babies 2 and under. Why Jesus would say the pharisees are the sons of cain. Why the N.T. would talk about the tares and wheat. Why in revelation 2:9 and 3:9 it would say the so called jews worshiped in the synagogue of satan. ....basically, what I am getting at, is the very first prophecy from the garden of eden is a war between two seed lines, that is why there is enemity between Gods seed line and Satans seedline.

seed of cain

So here I am, I know who the seedline of cain is. In fact, I know they hide under a religion that worships in a synagogue. Did you know that there is only one religion that worhsips in the synagogue? What do we do about this? ....seriously, what do we do? We are not going to be racist but what do we do? ....well, we expose them. That was my next move.
What I found out in trying to expose them, is this. They, have a history with their father satan. See God planted adam and all the different races. SO, Satan planted his seed line. Then, satan tried to wipe out genetically all the races on earth. Noah made it, but something that gets overlooked, is noah brought 2 of each race with him on the boat...not just 2 of every kind of animal. So, the flood, then, again, israel is having to deal with these hybrid people known as rapharim.
But, anyways, there are still giants, then, if you ask me, they downsized to a height equal to man but were still hyrbrids. They were the sepharim in the bible. They were satan's Children. You start to notice things you never noticed before in the bible, that it was always a war between two seed lines. Now I started to realize why Joseph killed these 5 kings putting them in a cave with his foot on their throats and so on. But, when Israel went to assyria and judah with benjamin went to babylon, something very deceptive happened.

So in babylon, I started looking deeply into it. I started to realize that satans seedline was there at the same time. That when Judah and benjamin returned to Israel, some things became totally weird. Long story short, satans seedline entered the priest hood of Israel. Satan wanted to hijack the seedline of God from the start that is why the nephilim were created. However, after that was not going to happen, satan was at work in hijacking a identity of a people....that was satans goal. That is a natural goal. Think about it....if you can not ruin their genetics, you ruin their identity as a people. Because ultimately, we have to think the seedline of God is the seedline of satan. If you can not do it genetically, you do it by hijacking an identity.
I'm gonna code what he typed here to avoid controversy but you draw conclusions. Pray about this.
See here is the problem. The $%^(*& put themselves on a pedestal and make chrisitans feel God loves them more. Seriously, that is what is going on, and that is why no one stands up and says they are cursed cause they don't believe in Jesus. I understand, many &*&^$%& are mislead, it is the ones on top that are the seedline of satan...I get that. But, the problem is no one understands that the whole "chosen people" was placed there by this seedline...see they are the ones that cause racism....blacks vs whites, whatever....because they plant seeds of superiority....they been playing this game a long time. When you read older literature, you will see the same people doing the same things. Its a satanic world, and they know who their father is, and they serve him..
Long story short, I found out, that when you look at the white race, ok....the whole history behind them, that they lined up with Israel. NO big deal, but, then, it matched up way too, the prophecies from the O.T., for example, david would always have kings until christ returns, guess what, england has that. Also many other things, like, in the book of esras, the 10 north was said to leave to the wildnerness in the north. Allot of things I can list. Also, in the N.T., in james, he greets to all the tribes of Israel, not just 2 like christians today tell you to think. That their is this mystery behind peter leaving and the other 10 apostles just taking off somewhere while most of the N.T. is written by Paul...well, they were sent to the 10 tribes of Israel....anyways, I can go on and on about this...just want to make it short.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

The thing that got me, was one of their prophecies said, "I am not your God, and you are not my people, even so, there will be a time you are called sons of the living God"....He is saying the 10 northern tribes will become the christians. This was at around 745 B.C...when the 10 northern were removed by God for being what? a harlot country....they were given a curse in losing their identity...and it was a 7 times curse, that curse when you do the math goes to 1776..this is when the U.S. was born.....see, history is repeating itself. The 10 northern tribes of Israel.
by John Doe

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