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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Haters gonna hate, keep your head up (They have always been around)

I have had many bullies, even have people bullying me online and attacking what I do. Want to quote the words that Jesus said and let all those people who bully and talk down to others know that I won't be silenced.

"Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world; I ever tought in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing."
Rijamekee Veii

I wish everyone could read this. Never let a mean, evil spirited person destroy your day. Demons posses people to the point that they make life hard for others and EVERYONE has experienced that. Keep your head up and keep living because that is a direct insult to bullies.

They are attacking you cause to them you're the weakest or most defencless. These are people that have issues with acceptance, and inorder for someone to feel popular or accepted there has to be the person that's rejected or humilliated. It's an identity issue and as soon as there is no victim they create one or they take it out on familly members.

 Don't let them win!

This is a tragic story of a victim of bullying, this kind of attack has been made many times on racial minorities even in Africa(which is strange)

One in ten students said that they had suffered severe bullying which included physical violence. Most of them felt they cannot share their problems and the consistent bullying they faced drove them to depression and misery. Vijay Singh was a bright 13-year-old boy from Manchester.
This child was tormented; his life made a misery and it drove him to taking his life. The reason why this happened was because of intolerance, racism and bullying. Vijay Singh attended predominantly a white school. Most children did not have an understanding of why Vijay Singh wore a turban. Racist boys at school would beat up young Vijay Singh, when going to school, in school and going home. He was half their size, but size did not matter. They would knock his turban off and punch his eyes, so what if he cried they thought.
Vijay Singh good grades made these unintelligent racist children, jealous. They would taunt him, and call him names. Paki! Turban-head! Wrap head ! His lunch would be stolen. The boys would swing their fist in his nose. Bleeding Paki! Bloody Paki! , they would say. Not knowing the pain they caused when his nose went crunch . Blood pouring down young Vijay Singh shirt.
They grabbed his arms, and would push him into to the wall. They would hit him, Punch! Crunch! and he would fall to the ground. They didn’t care how he felt or why he had a turban on his head. Kick! Spit! they would watch him crawling, crying for help. The bullies would walk away leaving young Vijay Singh crying out for help.

And by now everyone knows the story of Amanda Todd(you could google it).
These things are tragic and remind me much of how I've been bullied online and off because I was a racial minority and got top grades. That seems to be a huge threat to bullies and as I said before, someone needs to be down trodden or humilliated inorder for them to have any worth.

Here are some accounts from people online,

Vengeance is Mine said the Lord

ever heard that before ?

it means if someone does you wrong God will sort it - that means you don't have to do anything - all you have to do is have faith in Him

God likes it when we trust Him and He will never let you down

you also have to trust His judgement - He won't dole out punishment just because you want it

believe me God will make a much better job than you - that means you are free from getting into trouble and free from anger and feelings of revenge

this has served me well and I recommend it to everyone

lilly of the valley

I'm probably in the wrong place as your asking Christians and I'm an atheist but as I've said before to people who think atheism is wrong just because it's not their religion well, as an atheist I was raised as one, and I was bullied too, the way I dealed with it was this : I ignored until started getting annoying at which point i just told the teachers, It doesn't matter what religion or beliefs you have, if your bullied or discriminated because of it, that's wrong.   XD

I personally believe children should be home schooled with the amount of school violence these days. This world is just not a safe place to bring a child into anymore and if you are going to have a child prepare them for this part of the real world.

by Rijamekee Veii

Rijamekee Veii

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