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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sexual immorality and fornication - mystery babylon THE MOTHER OF ABOMINATIONS

Revelations 17:5,


In a world of free sex and strip clubs, walking out at night seems like you're entering into Babylon, the mother of abominations. These things we see daily are abominations before God, why have they become so acceptable?


Women opening their legs like this and wearing such little clothes infront of so many people is NOT NORMAL

Does anyone know what is the all seeing eye and why its so prominent everywhere, does the illuminati and satanic worship control the world?
It obviously does and the clues are everywhere, if people would just start looking.
Since the western media is a big illuminati player, aren't they the ones drunk with the blood of the saints aswell?
Atheism, self worship(or satanism-how people describe it) and all these strange religions like mormonism perhaps.
Also this new form of christianity taking people to hell, does anyone remember 'seventh heaven' and the gospel they preached. All about family values, doing the right thing according what you think is right and no Jesus. When did being a pastor take Jesus and His commands out of the picture?
 Is this false christianity a brain child of the illumiinati since they control hollywood?
Selling their souls for money, is there a greater whore?
This is not appropriate! We see it everyday
 Women are not supposed to dress like whores, especially not in public. In today's world however, men are more likely to marry women based on phsical appearance as we can see by the high divorce rate. What do young girls pick up from this?
 The media is a big occultic money making machine and we need to learn to judge reality from fable.
An example that is this. When you see a woman in a movie walking around without much clothes in public places, that's just for the sake of the movie. Those people are paid actors and they will act the way the director tells them to. That is not reality and most people will look at you with shock if you decide to walk around with little clothes in public, you can't do what you see in movies cause that is not reality.
Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley only posed like this for a photo shoot, in reality she would never go out looking like this. We need to learn to judge between reality and the media. Many things in  the media are not real and we can't base our lives on the standards of morality set for us on the silver screen or in magezines. Parents don't let the tv raise your children.
What you see in movies is a far cry from reality. We need to learn to judge between whats real and what's not. I want us to judge with righteous judgement the things we see.
by Rijamekee Veii

Rijamekee Veii
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