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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Apocalypse now: The last days part 2

Must only those in Judea flea or must all Christians flee?

No, it is not talking about only those in Judea. But, all major cities abroad. It just used Judea as an example for believers lives at risk of death who are in the city....right after he reveals himself as out 

How will we know where to go?

Bible says to simply run. Scared of being in the mountains ....don't worry that time is short. I believe God will provide us food and water...

 You will know you need to go away from the city to the mountaintops hiding from the city and Satan...knowing that in a short time, the moon will turn black, then, the clouds will part with the return of is GREAT TRIBULATION PERIOD...we sit in hiding while all these poor Christians are being slaughtered who believed in the rapture theory. See..this is why now we can have both, angels marking believes, while, Christians being slaughtered fro their faith...all because of Satan lie in the rapture theory.
Father time

Ok, lets clear this up on when we read Chapter 3 as to why it is Satan's child...

Allot of things are not taught in the Church...this is one of them.

In Ch 2, all the races were made that were fisher and hunters only on the 6th day. This was all the races that were made on the 6th day. And God loved them all. Said they were all good. 
But then, he rested on the 7th day. But he did not have a man yet to tend the garden, he had fishers and hunters that were made on the 6th day. Another word was God wanted to make farmers.

Now, this is where the confusion sets in by reading the bible in English. In Chapter 2, the word "Adam," as well as,  "
" is used in Ch 3. But, when you look at the word, in Hebrew, it is two different words. In other words, in Ch 3, or on day 8, we are not talking about the same Adam. They are two different words in Hebrew. 

See when you see the two different names of Adam, you realize, how Cain went to nod in the east and took a wife for himself, because of the other races that were created on the 6th day in ch 2. 

In the garden, the word "ets" is the Hebrew word to mean fruits and such things you eat from a tree. But, this tree of good and evil is different than those fruit trees. Now it says eve shall not "touch" the tree. The word touch in Hebrew is is touch with the intent to ly down with  a woman, hence, sex.  Lets look at 2 chor 11:2,3 - explains the serpent beguiled (holy seduced eve. Its simple what went down here...Satan had sex with eve. 

Look up Hebrew word ets 6095 which is a tree for fruits used for the fruit trees in the garden. Now this word ets, came from the primitive root "atsah" 6095 which is used when it says Satan opened eve's eyes. What this word atsah says is to close the eyes. See it closed their eyes, satan lied. Now where does atsah come comes from 'atseh 6096 defined as the spine giving firmness to the body or backbone. What runs through your backbone? the central nervous system that gives knowledge to good and evil. Spine is the trunk, the arms are the limbs(branches)

So your not accustom to God calling the body trees? Go to Isa 61:3. God has uses many references in being a tree through out the bible. Satan is compared to a cedar tree in other chapters. 

Catch the third installment in a few days.

by John Doe
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