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Monday, 29 December 2014

Apocalypse now-The last days Part 3

Here is the thing in all this. Before we decide what one thing is, we then build upon that one thing. Here is the problem, what if that one thing is a lie?....well, then everything else is a lie....but it was such a good lie?

This is the same with me saying the Israelite's are the white race. I have built a theory on that one thing. However, if that one thing is wrong, everything else is wrong. Perhaps the Israelite's are Arabs? Africans? and so on....

Saudi King

I bring this up, not to confuse, but the importance of integrity and honesty. When we get overwhelmed, we unwittingly fall trap to the foundation that we are building upon.  EVERYONE BUILD UPON ONE FOUNDATION.....focus on what that foundation is.

See, when you said, Princess Diana and the lizard people, that is from David Icke videos. I know about it. The context of why she said that? or the evidence in her saying that may be in complete error. But ask yourself this, do we need to say lizard people run the backgrounds? Do we need to say, well, diana said lizard people run the background? No we don't....allot of times, this serpent seedline creates these stories only to dismiss the idea itself.
Princess Diana

For example, lets say I exposed the serpent seed line with the Amalekites. So Hollywood makes a movie off what I said was truth...Now, my idea is a fantasy that Hollywood created...They create these things that make others see it as fantasy. 

So before we ever move forward off one idea, we have to realize, there is no one idea.....the truth is, we collect, then synthesize with the WORD of God...That is all we can do if God is not directly telling us in a voice. IN Gods word, all the answers are there. We need to match everything to what God says...God created his word like a spider web, what happens when you punch a hole in it? it still stands? why, because its the web that matters...the web will come out and the big picture will be seen because the foundation was built to prevent little lies or holes to cause the whole foundation to fall.

So before we move forward, it is not one idea that stands, but the web. This is how I came to even consider the Israelite's were white people. Actually, I believe God showed me. But, perhaps I am wrong? But, the web still stands...its all connected...and it enlightens us.

Like check out princes Diana's death. We say the king of England did it? 
That him and his demonic family. But who was Diana with? With Dodi Fayed an Egyption Arab who is from Islam and is a film producer.
 Who died in Paris? Diana...was it Dodi's inner circle? was this an act on behalf of the serpent seedline? is this war between two seedlines still happening? or is it just the serpent seedline? Perhaps, Genesis on the seedlines, does not end at Christ we are being taught by so called Christians? means through out all times? so that we know it is still going on today....see where does this go...

Princess Diana

See what mind control is about, is building off one foundation and building upon it.....but, if you want to know the web, you have to take the hammer and smash that foundation into pieces until it is powder and lucid....that is how the web is understood....all those questions do not build upon each other....but dissolve with each other...however, all of the sudden they will conceal and form a web and you will say now it makes sense....we are not taught this way, but the slaved way, the one foundation prevents us from using our minds, it restricts is what the serpent seedline wants...

So before we move forward, we smash, then the web stands and the truth of the web matches the web of the bible. 

The bible is designed against Satan to be error proof of those who put holes in the bible but the truth still stands....its a war, they entered the church, and they are bent off destroying with a flood the children of Christ....a flood in the sense of their God satan ...a matrix of satans world, once this world is desgined like satans, the anti Christ will appear....two worlds will be one and God will destroy it. 

by John Doe
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