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Saturday, 31 January 2015

The new world order, it's real and it's scary

 You have not heard it all, I was shocked when I watched this.

By Mina

You build these idols and you knock them down

This is the norm with women and men, I see it all the time. Everyone does.

"They set up these idols and then 

they knock them down".  - John Lennon

This is very true, especially in stalking cases. We have it with celebrities as well as with normal people. They set up these idols and knock them down. Do not make an idol out of anyone or anything.
My idols were so many God had to destroy them so I could reach higher levels in my spiritual walk with Christ. God will destroy your idols, weather they are food, material possessions, people, status or money.

King James Bible
And I will destroy your high places, and cut down your images, and cast your carcases upon the carcases of your idols, and my soul shall abhor you.

Leviticus 26:30

God will not tolerate you having other God's before him. God is a jealous God and your idols will crumble. Return to the Lord now, leave your idols.

You shall not bow down yourself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
Exodus 20:5

For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:
Exodus 34:14

We have public idol worship going on everyday, and it is sad.



That is idol worship, it is not normal! Stop living your lives through others, you can't serve God and be in the world serving celebrities and movie idols. Get back to reality cause none of that celebrity star gazing is real.

by Rijamekee Veii

Friday, 30 January 2015

Discovering the 12 - Finding the tribes of Israel by John Doe

So Have you watched other "arnold murray" videos?

The video on translating hebrew to english:

The video showed us how things are not transliterated. Its a good idea to get a bible strong concordance. I would use the one Arnold Murray recommends just because he always has the agenda that the seed line of cain is at work, and in the church. So he has done his research right.

The video on Jew =  the country Judah

Do you notice how deceptive that word is used in Rev 2:9 and 3:9. When we see the word Jew there, we think religion. Many people of different races can be a Jew. But, in the video, he pointed out it is talking about the country or tribe of Judah. Same thing. So, he clarifies what Jew means, now, it makes sense. What those two verse are saying, in identifying that evil seed, is that they are the ones who say they are from Judah, but are not, and worship in the synagogue. 

See this is why, if the 12 tribes are white or black, or both black and white, that we need to think they are semitic? ...why, cause the seed line of cain is arab or semetic looking...we know that for sure by this verse because who worships in the synagogue? The semetic looking arabs. And who says they are not the tribe of Judah?...God.......that's the point, though, we know who the seedline of cain is, where they are at. .......

Israelite Identity seen as racist Agenda:

So this whole identity of Israel thing always gets labeled as a racist idea. Well, whoever decided to say, and only whites go to heaven, is the one who made it racist. That idea is unbiblical too. So, that person did not read the bible.

Arnold Murray gets labeled that way but he has lots of different colored people at his church. He constantly, would say, even in knowing who he seedline of cain..."should we hurt or kill them?, that is stupid...God is the Judge".....also, arnold just talked on and on about how all races were good in Gods eyes. 

My point here, is you should just look at all the different branches of this idea.

by John Doe

Slavery is still alive and well

There are more slaves today than during the slave trade, most of the enslaved people don't even know they are slaves.

People can be enslaved to many of these things like work, sex or drugs but there are real slaves, human slaves. Most are poor people used and exploited or trafficked for forced prostitution or labour.
Most of the modern slaves are believed to be Caucasion females because of the growing sex media all over the world which is largely white owned.
Caucasion women dominate the sex industry because they are considered the ideal of beauty.
I'm just being honest, they will keep dominating this industry because they are most desired and police need to use a greater effort in cracking these rings that ruin millions of lives.

Please be smart enough not to donate money to these people who claim to want to end slavery. Maybe some might be making an effort to do just that but not always. The money making business is huge, create a problem and pretend to solve it, get more money out of people. Try to help these people yourselves, don't give money to every person that says they are helping others. Know the person you are giving money to and understand some people would do anything for money cause they don't have God. Money fills the blank.

By Asia M

Stop using cursed makeup!

Not only will it take you to hell, it is gonna destroy your beauty as well as make your face age prematurely. We cannot remain babes in Christ, we need to grow in our walk.

Makeup deforms the face and is really expensive to maintain. What does it profit you except that it gives you the sad advantage of looking exactly like everyone else.
What about the hair weaves and hair products costing millions when women aren't even supposed to be exposing their hair like that. Many people are going to hell, don't be one of them.

By Sandy

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The barbaric dairy industry and why I stopped drinking milk or eating eggs

I cut out wheat and grains cause that is poison. Than I cut out eggs cause most got baby chicks in them(true). Then I'm off store bought meats and choose to eat from the farm. Some meats like red meat(beef) might be ok but I will research that. Now I'm off dairy, I am sick and tired of being fed junk and these realizations only came by the power of the holy spirit. Thank you Father!
Going to take the sober path now, fruit and vegetables. I could get all the nutrients I need from those power foods. My body is the temple of God, I refuse to disgrace the temple of God with junk food worthy of a pigsty.

Watch and see what is really going on,

the banana girl

And I also don't eat eggs, now I know this.

So if you are standing before God you will have to answer for eating these drug foods, including wheat and modern grains. If Yehoshua created your body perfect how could you respond to him after you have taken it through the pit knowing you are taking drugs for breakfast?
These are the evil last days, a person smoking and taking drugs is putting their lives through as much risk as a person who eats eggs, drinks milk from shops,wheat and grains. Your body is your temple. Did you know chickens and cows are living organisms? Poison and torture them enough for optimum production you get poisoned food filled with all the hormones they pump into cows for extra production. Same with Chickens.

Fruit and vegetables on the other hand grow everywhere and anywhere. You can grow your own if you don't trust the shops. No one trusts the shops anymore, I don't even buy most of the junk clothes they sell. I'm trying to show you a better way to live. Don't say you will pray over poison junk food, you are still putting junk into your body. Stop it! God will judge you for how you treat yourself as well as how you treat others. That includes not caring for your body, not fasting and praying to seek God and also not caring for the dangers you put yourself through deliberately. People who commit suicide go to hell, God will punish you if you don't take care of his temple, his temple is your body. Research the life Yehoshua lived on earth, he took care of himself. Not doctors or pills, he took control of his health cause he had knowledge. 
so much real food out there, stop eating junk!!!!!!!!!
I am just giving you the truth, putting it out there. Why it is so hard for people to get into the kingdom of God, but he is putting it out there now. Love yourself, love others but you can't love until you know and love God first.

by Kimberly