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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Apocalypse now - The lost ten tribes

God has put it in my heart, weighed it on my heart, to get focused on who Israel is. 

This may seem boring or insignificant to you, but it is so vital, that I believe, Satan waned to steal the true identity.

See, prophecy in the bible, is connected with Israel's identity. 

So its VERY VERY VERY vital to know who the 10 tribes are today. 

I remember you asked, is Israel a mixed seed? Well, remember, the word "adam" in Genesis ch 2 vs ch 3 are two different words actually. In other words, the adam in Genesis 2 is about 90 percent of the human population. They were identified...see key word..."identified" as hunters and fishers. However, the "Adam" in genesis 3 is a different adam. This adam is identified as "people of agriculture." 

So I am on a quest, to really get into this topic. 

You said something, that sort of stimulated my imagination. What if the Israelites are and white people? would never think that, but, the mason's show a symbol of their throne above the black and white checkers. Well, these are he builders and we know from Gen 10 that they built the tower and are linked to Cain...or the seedline serpent. 

Anyways, my point...what if, both blacks and whites are the Israelites? ...I thought about that and now, I am really going to try and see if perhaps israelites are actually the African race? ... You may think this does not matter but it does. Unfortunatley, um...most people in the states are fighting black and white supremacy off this topic. See, I know why God made this whole identity issue such a hard task...cause, guess what...once I figure it out, I will not tell anyone..

I do not want you to tell anyone, once I figure it out, who the true Israelites are.  Because God kept this secret. So it will be a secret. As a watcher, which we are, we need to know that some things are best left in the dark or hidden. So say if the black or white race is israel, we, will just make prophecy fit that black or white or both....but never tell them why. Because, people will use that information, to kill and murder focusing on the flesh. Thats why....this topic is so vital, but, requires care...because so many people do not see things as spiritual but as the flesh....

all my task is to know then, to fit, and see where we are going. I will tell others were we are going but never tell why I know where we are going. I am telling you this, because you are a watcher like me. I want to part this information to you and explain why I do what I do. God will reveal things that only watchers can benefit mankind in this battle between good and evil. So, trust me...don't blog this. I type this to you...not the blog.

So I am actually trying to get deep into this identity help prophecy

See, the claim of Israel being white centers around today being the last days. If that is wrong? then perhaps they are wrong. But regardless, I am trying to understand so I can make the bible more clearer in who israel is, and......the serpent seedline. As a watcher, we are the ones that can really expose satan. But, we need tactics too. When you know things, its usually better, to leave allot of what you know unsaid. Like that word you wanted to use....Reptillians.....that word is a movement to help hide the serpent seedline. Its built on a word that is in fantasy world.....anyways, yeah, I am going to check out the possibility Israel being Africans...In the end, we can just compare and figure....I already have a strong case for them being white but never looked into it deeply with them being African. If today are the end times, the white race has a great argument.

But the bible does two things...says they are cursed, then, says they are blessed in the end times...we really need to understand the 7 times curse prophecy...I believe it leads to 1776....but, what that can entail...confuses things...anyways, will talk about this later. 

By John Doe


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