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Friday, 30 January 2015

Discovering the 12 - Finding the tribes of Israel by John Doe

So Have you watched other "arnold murray" videos?

The video on translating hebrew to english:

The video showed us how things are not transliterated. Its a good idea to get a bible strong concordance. I would use the one Arnold Murray recommends just because he always has the agenda that the seed line of cain is at work, and in the church. So he has done his research right.

The video on Jew =  the country Judah

Do you notice how deceptive that word is used in Rev 2:9 and 3:9. When we see the word Jew there, we think religion. Many people of different races can be a Jew. But, in the video, he pointed out it is talking about the country or tribe of Judah. Same thing. So, he clarifies what Jew means, now, it makes sense. What those two verse are saying, in identifying that evil seed, is that they are the ones who say they are from Judah, but are not, and worship in the synagogue. 

See this is why, if the 12 tribes are white or black, or both black and white, that we need to think they are semitic? ...why, cause the seed line of cain is arab or semetic looking...we know that for sure by this verse because who worships in the synagogue? The semetic looking arabs. And who says they are not the tribe of Judah?...God.......that's the point, though, we know who the seedline of cain is, where they are at. .......

Israelite Identity seen as racist Agenda:

So this whole identity of Israel thing always gets labeled as a racist idea. Well, whoever decided to say, and only whites go to heaven, is the one who made it racist. That idea is unbiblical too. So, that person did not read the bible.

Arnold Murray gets labeled that way but he has lots of different colored people at his church. He constantly, would say, even in knowing who he seedline of cain..."should we hurt or kill them?, that is stupid...God is the Judge".....also, arnold just talked on and on about how all races were good in Gods eyes. 

My point here, is you should just look at all the different branches of this idea.

by John Doe
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