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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pagan Christianity and pagan mission work

Doesn't this sound familiar, Eddy just became a Christian and wants to share the gospel. Instead of trying to reach the starving man in the street or his clubbing classmates, he takes a mission trip to Africa.
Why? Cause they think African's need Jesus and are dying in sin even though we have lower abortion rates and in some countries a huge Christian population. To the countries in Africa where they do need the gospel people are a bit too afraid to enter the war zone.
I really don't get this, why so much sin and rebellion in the west but the western Christians want to come save Africa?

If, in the end of the day the poverty in Africa is caused by corruption, why on earth do they think that Africans will be listening to these western missionary's when they were told about the gospel decades ago and can hear about Jesus in their Churches or online?
I would not mind if the western kids wanted to come to Africa cause of travel and wanting to help in orphanages.
But when they want to come and spread the gospel it is great except that the media has a really ungodly projection of the west and people watching those things probably listen to western missionary's and not take them seriously enough.

It all seems like a satanic setup to produce false converts. Also, are there any missionary's in the western countries? With the rate at which people in the west are dying, don't they need to be told about Jesus one on one? Instead of reaching out to people you don't know, first reach out to people in your own country. I live in a country with such a small population, almost everyone I know has heard about Jesus yet we get thousands of missionary's every year.

I think that makes no sense, much money is spent on these missionary's when people in the country are struggling and there isn't any welfare. Money that could be spent to actually help with development and creating employment is spent on mission work. Mind you 90 percent of my country is Christian and we have people within the country spreading the gospel. I am not against missionary work but couldn't you use a different title like red cross perhaps? These missionary's do help in orphanages which is really good but why use the title missionary when many of these missionary's aren't even seen as Godly by locals cause some wear tight trousers and heavy makeup. These dressing trends are not even relatable with modesty to most Christians, forgive my rant but please deal with Christianity in your own country and your view of Jesus and holiness before you use the gospel for traveling purposes and using government money.

People know about poverty but instead of creating local jobs they import people from other countries to do who knows what. I don't know about you but that right there makes no sense.

by Brian K

John 8:12

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