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Friday, 30 January 2015

Slavery is still alive and well

There are more slaves today than during the slave trade, most of the enslaved people don't even know they are slaves.

People can be enslaved to many of these things like work, sex or drugs but there are real slaves, human slaves. Most are poor people used and exploited or trafficked for forced prostitution or labour.
Most of the modern slaves are believed to be Caucasion females because of the growing sex media all over the world which is largely white owned.
Caucasion women dominate the sex industry because they are considered the ideal of beauty.
I'm just being honest, they will keep dominating this industry because they are most desired and police need to use a greater effort in cracking these rings that ruin millions of lives.

Please be smart enough not to donate money to these people who claim to want to end slavery. Maybe some might be making an effort to do just that but not always. The money making business is huge, create a problem and pretend to solve it, get more money out of people. Try to help these people yourselves, don't give money to every person that says they are helping others. Know the person you are giving money to and understand some people would do anything for money cause they don't have God. Money fills the blank.

By Asia M

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