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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Take me back in time - when women looked like women

How I wish we could go back in time and started dressing with dignity again. Global warming is a joke and we never had to start undressing.
Let's look at how women looked at the height of their glory. We do not need to dress down.
This is an era where many women are having the same opportunities as men, instead of use that independence to enrich ourselves and enjoy the liberty of not having to wed or bare children to survive, women dressed the worst they have ever dressed. The introduction of female trousers was the worst thing, I thought, till they introduced makeup and that deformed the face.

So let's take it back to when a woman was a woman.



And there you have all the past fashion trends that made women stand out. Now they all look like this,


Wish we could dress like we did in the past. Don't you?

By Asia M

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