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Friday, 23 January 2015

The temple of God - stop eating junk, don't sin against your body

Our bodies are the temple's of God. I have learned that eating to honor your body as the temple of God has great benefits. Many people are sick because they eat whatever is sold them or given them, here is a very filling and healthy diet to follow as a person choosing to honor his/her temple. This is affordable as well, probably more affordable then buying the junk they sell us.

I keep it to baked potatoes once a day. Very nourishing as well as filling.

Recipe By Request: Double Baked Potato The Best Baked Potato

Fruits and veggies , all kinds do it for me.

   Fruit salad and assorted fruits


I love meat! I am totally not into eating poultry, pork or seafood. Some may like it but I find it sickening because of taste. What I am really into is lamb and beef. I call that real meat!

  Lamb meat: Tender and delicate morsels

That's basically no junk diet. I also really don't like eggs merely because chicken embryos don't really do it for me.
Not only does this allow for weight loss but also for optimum growth and health. My no junk food diet, hope you try it.

by Asia M

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