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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Wake up women, some men are only with you because of money

In my country I hear about men 'encouraging' women to get top jobs all the time and I thought it was for the woman's good.
Until I realized some men that desire a lavish lifestyle without the work will marry a stupid, rich woman that will take care of his kids(when he has kids). If he is doing well he won't even bother getting married, he might just get hooked with one school girl after another.

Women I am being real with you, stop chasing these men. If they don't chase you then live a celibate life of peace. There is no real privilege that comes with being married, just allot of work that never ends. No real reputation that's special and no time for fasting, praying and seeking God. If you as a couple can set time apart to fast, pray and seek God then well done.
But let's be real, that is rare.

Unless God has called you to be married, you are being a menace to society. Think of how many we already are and how many people miss out on so many things because people have more kids than they can support.
High suicide, few opportunities because people be having children when they were never told to do that by God, when they are not supposed to.

I know people want to fit in, but we need to understand what we are trying to fit into. Look at society and cultural trends that are so prominent. Do you want to fit in with married folk that have so many responsibilities to juggle that not everyone is called to pursue.
Do you want to fit in with drug dealers or men wearing low pants that show their boxers or girls sleeping with men that will never marry them? Is that what you want to fit in with?

Even little girls get taught how the world works and how to fit in.

So do you really want to be part of a world that only places value on your possessions and none on your soul?
A world that judges you and hates you?
If you want to be part of that go ahead, but if you want to stand out than get on your knees. Pray, fast, it all starts there.

by Brian K

Brian K

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