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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Why girls don't need makeup episode 1 - natural beauty

Well, starting this off I want to to state one very clear thing. Girls are beautiful, they grow up and are more beautiful. From big eyes, graceful necks to thick lips.  many women have extremely distinct features when all the makeup is washed off.

So lets look at beauty without makeup, the latest trend.

Five facial gems that people notice more than your makeup

1. Big eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul, big ones get noticed before anything else, and guys can tell when you use eye makeup so natural wins when it comes to the eyes. 
If you have pillows under the eyes use ice or cold napkin to clear that up.


2. High cheekbones

This is perhaps the most beautiful of all facial features, on guys and girls alike. Probably the rarest accessory, and God given as well. High cheekbones take anyone from plain to flawless. No makeup needed here.

Scarlette JohanssonKeira Knightley

3. Clean teeth
Totally hot, by this I don't mean pure white or unnaturally sparkly. I mean
clean teeth with no stuff in between, Keep flossing and all that
cause clean teeth rock.

little girl

Kirstine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales

4. Dimples
Dimples are divine, fantastic accessory and the natural ones are the best! Some people get dimple piercings witch is lame, natural dimples rock.

Mario Lopez

5. Light or dark eyebrows
Eye brows define the face, blonde ones and light ones create a beautiful portrait of the face. Dark ones stand out as a very prominent facial feature. Either way, all eyebrows look gorgeous the way God made them, take a look...

Christina Aguilera

Joe Jonas

So there you have it, the natural face is naturally beautiful. Without makeup it's that much better. Time to be real cause anyone who genuinely loves you will not notice the makeup anyway, and when the makeup comes off?

by Rijamekee Veii
Rijamekee Veii

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