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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Discovering the mark of Cain

I think the mark of cain can be a literal thing, but, perhaps it is a spiritual thing or mark seen with spiritual eyes.
So Why have we not seen a mark, or the mark of cain? Perhaps we need spiritual eyes to see it?
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I just consider everything, because I am not sure. Just trying to be collective and make sense later. But need to pray about it.

I like how you said 6 fingers. Remember, the giants or nephilim had the mark. But, remember we talked how the sons of cain and the nephilim almost seem different? How do we combine or seperate the two: sons of cain vs nephilim when basically we know the sons of cain's father is satan. So we have our answer I guess. 
The nephilim had 6 fingers, does that mean sons of cain have 6 fingers? is that the mark? How about the star of david that the Jews use. By the way, that star is not the star of David. That is a lie. In the O.T. it tells us Baal worshipers used a star. So is this start the mark of cain? Do they have a spiritual star on themselves? or a real star? or is there something on them, where it appears as a star only if you look close. After all, the a feminine noun when used in the bible. Why would it be used in the female sense? Why is earth called a her? is there a relationship between the mark, mother earth, and how the earth and sons of cain hide themselves from eachother?....these sons of cain are cursed from the earth. So first thing cain does is create an artifical world, known as "the city"....satan is said to be behind all the rising and falling of great cities. A city is designed to enslave or get others to work for them...the sons of cain.

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 Its all sort of coming together like this. Since they are the city builders, perhaps, the mark of cain can be seen in all their cities....Why would cain keep using their mark in cities? well, they get protection from that mark? Perhaps it has some kind of power, to let these evil doers continue? why?...because God proteced this evil seed line for one thing, to guide all things into a perfect plan in salvation and calling on his believers. 

So we can go on and on but this is my foundation right now about the mark. I am searching to really know what this mark is. Perhaps it is 6 fingers...maybe 6 fingers has a relationship with the star of the Jews. Washington uses a star in their city this the mark of cain?

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By John Doe