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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cellphone slaves and modern slave systems

Cell Phones and Slavery

Could anyone imagine that cell phones are tainted with the blood of 3.2 million deaths since 1998? Also, that the same thing happens with some
children's video games? And that mega-technologies contribute to forest
depredation and spoliation of the rich natural resources of
paradoxically impoverished peoples?

the Democratic Republic of Congo concentrates over 80% of the
deposits, where 10,000 miners toil daily in the province of Kivu (eastern
Congo), a territory that has been occupied since 1998 by the armies of
Rwanda and Uganda. A series of companies has been set up in the zone,
associated to large transnational capital, local governments and
military forces (both state and "guerrilla") in a dispute over the control of
the region for the extraction of Coltan and other minerals.

Not only are people slaves to the system of the beast but they are given harmfull devices like cellphones to track their every movement. The devil isn't omnipresent like God, he needs to use devices to control the masses.

destruction of actual communication!

Most people need cellphones or else they won't get a job, have friends or a social life. See how we got enslaved? I chose to break free from constantly being traceble and stalked by litteral strangers.
 Halle Berry
Think about it, most people carry cellphones everywhere they go, how easy to use cellphones to control us.