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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Living chaste - women who choose to be the bride of the messiah

Since I became chaste I also notice more direction in my life and a general feeling of well being. I recomend this for everyone who wants to try.

The Vow of Chastity

Chastity, which is most perfectly embodied in Our Lord, is conferred as a gift by His Spirit in the hearts of those He has called to a life of total consecration.
"Through her joyous response to this gift, each Sister becomes a unique source of spiritual fruitfulness, a radiant and tangible sign of the Church as Virgin, Spouse and Mother, made holy by her intimate union with Christ. Each Sister is wedded to Christ through the vow of chastity and within this spousal relationship she ministers to the wounded members of His Body, the Church" .
"Chastity frees the human heart in a remarkable manner,...All in us is His.

Vow of Chastity

Life is not about sex, believe it or not many choose to opt out.

Vow of Chastity
By: Yvette
Modern and Medieval times are two eras that share some differences and similarities. One of the major distinctions is sex. Although sex is not a new phenomenon, the personal consideration of how and why a person chooses to govern themselves sexually can be viewed as an occurrence of one. When the issue of an individual’s sexual activity is considered within the context of present times, the ideas of chastity and virtue are not dominant nor are they common aspects that are widely shared. Today’s society and some religious sects within the Christian community have evolved to a new level of thought that includes tolerance; (which I define as the system of the beast, why I don't identify with christianity but with messianic Judaism) while typically it has frowned upon freely exercising the freedom of sexual activity outside the realm of marriage (McNamara, J. Sexual Equality and the Cult of Virginity In Early Christian Thought p. 151). Intercourse within the confines of marriage has been the rule yet; (This is not a 'rule' it's the most high's law) the exception is that however an adult chooses to privately conduct their sex life is permitted-even within the institution of the Christian church (That is paganism and is one of the reason's I opted out of christianity and decided to persue messianic Judaism) .
The early Christian church during the Middle Ages encouraged sexual integrity among people who desired to live a life that reflected sexual virtue. The thought of deterring women from marriage was furthered by the religious institution by an obvious conclusion that, “From best to worst, marriage is a state of bondage from which the only escape is celibacy” (McNamara, J. p. 151). Benefits of chaste living were also promoted in the church with statements such as:
At the very least, the virgin woman could expect release from the governance of a husband and the chains of children. She [would be] free of the burden of worldly cares and responsibilities that weighed her sisters down. On a higher plane, she was almost free of the mortal coil itself (Those were some of the points that led me to chastity, in all it is a much easier and more joyful life) (McNamara, J. p. 151).
This idea assisted many holy women in their decision to embrace the vow of celibacy which was practiced throughout Christendom.
The mantra of Christianity(and messianic Judaism) has hinged upon the attempt to emulate Christ (The messiah) in all aspects that pertain to life.

To be married to purity and virtue.


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