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Saturday, 27 June 2015

waking up from the the matrix we live ---It's a war between the devil and the creator, everyone is part of that in one way or another

All of this is setup, it's a lie to make you sin. The only war going on is between the devil and the creator. We are all pawns in this battle between good and evil. The most high wants people to wake up and be saved, the devil wants to destroy and send to hell as many as he can through as many lies as he can tell. He is the father of lies and the reality you think you live is a web of lies.

When I woke up from the deception I was extremely angry. Jesus was zues and not the messiah I was looking for. The messiah was Yahawashi and I had eaten the white lie all my life. I was extremely roth at this, no one like's being lied to about something so personal. Yahawa said he will send a great deception, and Europe carried it through.

 Now I understood why so many whites were atheist, they knew jesus was a mind controll trick for a new form of slavery, devized in hell itself. The greatest prisoner is the mental prisoner. Thank Yahawa I'm free, the deception is thick. Lucifer is the father of lies and he used the white man to not only conquer the world but enslave it mentally aswell. (I'm not racist, most of them doing this are said to be -. Many whites are just as decieved by the beast)
Jesus is a lie, he was never white. The messiah was Yahawashi, they changed the bible to take out the name of Yahawa and his son and replaced their names with GOD, LORD or YHWA. Yehoshua or yehova or yahweh are just as fake. His name is Yahawashi the son of Yahawa the holy one of Israel. When I knew how I'd been lied to I was close to tears. Jesus is the name of an earth pig in latin(and don't christian love pork?), the laws of the Torah still applied and I am trying my best to wake everyone up. Christianity was a joke, an insult. The devil doesn't care about them, they are having false revelations and few are awake to the deception of lucifer who want's to be called the most high. He is not and Yahawashi obeyed the Torah. So much is sooooo wrong with the world.

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