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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Gangstalking - This has happened to me and I want to make people aware of it

I stopped responding to it and I have found rest. The moment I distanced myself from all men the gangstalking became much less. At one point they put a dead rabbit in my room.
If they hate me so much I wish they'd stop trying to get with me. Watch this,

I used to hate myself cause of the horrible things these people said to me and about me. My laptop is also hacked and it switches off without me putting it off many times while I'm busy on it.
 I resisted the manipulation and they looked for other victims. I was always aware of being watched and whenever I went out the same people would be around me trying to do strange things. Strange people that get paid to physically harrass me. I avoid certain area's now. I distanced myself from them and the programing ended.
I feel free now, I know what was happening was/is real. I also know how to end it, guess who got the last laugh.
I still have neighborhood harrasment and people who are obsessed with my every movement. I remember till this day a strange white man coming to my hospital room when I was injured(short brown hair and grey suite sitting cross legged) , no one else was there and I was barely concious. I saw him almost everywhere I went after that. Never told anyone till now.

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