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Saturday, 18 July 2015

If you would love life

I sing because I'm happy, and I've never known such joy.
 It started when, after years of searching, I had come across the name of Yah, AaliYah, HalleluYah.
I finally am free both physically and mentally from the lies of the satan.

RiYah Veii
I also rejoice cause I had a really emberassing case of my neighbours watching me undress through the window. I covered my window up so that ends there. Strangely the same time I covered my window glass I got blocked from certain websites. Don't know how that relates, just thought I'd add that.

When you're young it feels like you'll live forever, I love it!

To love life is to want to live, no matter how many obstacles you face. I was not even supposed to be alive at this point, makes me value each second more. It's that much better when you know and praise the true name of Yah. Was on an online Hebrew dictionary typing in the name Yah. It kept coming up with ye and other words. Something tells me modern Hebrew isn't even close to ancient Hebrew.
So much in this world has been covered up, so much hidden. I would post many different topics all day on various websites, sometimes talking a lot of smack cause I was bored. The moment I found out his name is Yah and started posting about HalleluYah hashaddai I was blocked from each website I know.
Internet spell checkers don't even recognize the true name of Yah, does anything seem like a setup to you?

RiYah Veii

Don't let anyone lie to you, seek the truth and persue it. It took me a mighty long time to get here, but now my entire life has started making sense. I finally understood why so many people hated me with no cause, there was an actual war going on in the spiritual realm. A war that was probably meant to make sure I would never discover the truth that I know now. That would make total sense, the name of Yah has been covered up on almost every online platform. I really wish people would start questioning these things and wonder why the elite are hiding these things from us.

(And the most annoying part of blogging is internet spell checkers constructed by some person that probably failed all his Cambridge spelling tests. Since when was persue written as pursue? It has nothing to do with a purse.)

Till next blog, stay vigilant. These are the evil last days!