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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Imperial African dresses

Women who dress in the traditional attire. These are African women and it has been our tradition to dress this way as far as I can remember.

Now in history books and all over the world they say that ancient Otjiherero people were 'Himba' and wore animal skins. My great grandmother as well as grandmother never recall such a time,
Ovahimba people basically walk around naked wearing some sort of cloth made out of animal skin or something. This is not the Herero's people past, it's all been setup by the same colonizers that killed a large percentage of the Otjiherero people. They were trying to erase whatever identity we had and give us this fake one that very few of us relate to. Did the same in many parts of the world. This lie obviously didn't stick as you will see below.
This is the only history I ever knew. People, probably even Africans, spend millions of dollars and countless hours to make Africans think they are animals or the missing link between creature and man apparently (the latest insult I heard). But this is the past we remember, and how we dress till this day.