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Saturday, 18 July 2015

My chastity, the journey

Been a year or two and this has been the best choice of my life. This is not for everyone as I said before but for those willing to take the path less taken keep reading.
Christianity worshiped marriage, racism and sex since I first heard of it and met Christians at the churches. I was almost destroyed by Christianity, so many years of my life wasted on a lie.
When I got out, I wanted to have nothing to do with the ídol's of Christianity. Especially after I found his true name.

For those who want to start out,

This is also why, at this point of my life and because of my vow I stay the hell away from any modern church. Since I'm not a pagan Christian(or a Christian) (practice a faith that has nothing to do with Christianity or paganism) I don't have any need to go to their churches.

I still believe in the omnipotent creator and his only son but they have nothing to do with zues (jesus) and El (Saturn).

I serve Yah and his son Yahawashi. I don't celebrate the pagan holidays and buying the pagan statues, necklaces or paintings. It's all very pagan and a big fat money making scheme. Reason why many try to forbid others from knowing the truth on this blog. They will lose money. Christianity is a multi billion dollar industry. Money is the root of all evil, nothing good comes from a bad tree.

coming around again

We need to study these things, we need to live with a plan and not buy everything we hear.
Well, I'm gonna be honest, if you don't you will perish. This is the most important parts of our lives and the only reason we are alive. Why people try to get you so deep into everything else that you miss the goal. Many have, believe me.