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Sunday, 19 July 2015

The death of chivalry - why so many women are prefering to be single

This is nothing new, it is the reality of what society is teaching our boys. I had no idea how men could treat me rough or try to break my confidence in every way humanly possible. I didn't dwell on it much since I wasn't interested in knowing why. I have been avoiding men who are not familly members for a year or so and that emotional abuse ended for me. Also since I wasn't sexually attracted to any of these men I didn't understand that they could be sexually attracted to me.

What I'm about to show you in these video's is something I hoped my father or my brothers would have told me.
I chose chastity cause I want to be like the prophets of the bible like EliYah or one of those.
Also the fact that I could never get along with any men except classmates in highschool(went to a technical highschool and it was bassically full of guys so it was easier to get along with the boys than the girls)
This tactic is probably as old as time, pay attention...

I didn't think it was possible but this video is even more
Closing words, what goes around comes around,